9 Interesting Facts About Lingerie

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The era has said goodbye when women used to feel hesitant to talk about lingerie. From deep inside, they’ve been drooling to get their hands on the latest and hottest pair of lingerie. The time has come that accepting and embracing our own sexuality is definitely okay. Here are some facts that most of us don’t know. 

  1. Triumph, first commercial bras brand.

An international brand named Triumph is the first brand over the world, which made bras available to the women commercially.

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  1. UK women wear the largest size bra!.

In the UK, women wear the largest bra sizes. On the contrary, Japanese women wear the smallest one. In India, the average size is 34C. This is an average measurement, ladies.

  1. French don’t call it underwear.

Yes, the word lingerie is what they used for both men and women’s undergarments. Interesting, isn’t it? De Rien! 

  1. The Red color is for good luck.

On New Year, Italian women prefer wearing red-colored lingerie, as they say, it brings fortune. I think Chinese does too then? 

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  1. String depicts sexual creativity.

Women, who are confident, strong, liberate and creative while sex opts to wear G-string underwear. So, ladies are you?

  1. Shapewear to reduce body temperature.

Triumph the international brand launched shapewear, which was fabricated using fabric that felt cool with touch. It helped reduce body temperature around 1.27ºC. What a wonderful invention!

  1. The lifespan of a bra.

A bra usually has a lifespan of around six months, which is worn well and frequently.

  1. Favorite lingerie color of women.

The lingerie colors that are most preferred by women are purple, lilac and blue. However, white is the most selling color across the world. As per the surveys, redheads go for green color lingerie. Hmmm, now that is interesting, what happened to hot and sexy red and black? 

  1. More than 80% of women wear the wrong size lingerie

It is recommended to wear the right size lingerie to feel better and comfortable. But, this is a surprising fact that average women wear the wrong size and changes different sizes in their lifetime. 

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Now you might wonder if you are smarter five minutes ago? Yasss you are! Share this with your soul sisters. Every woman has something to share. If you know anything funny, wild and sexy truths about lingerie, comment it below! 


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