Do Long-Distance Relationships Work?

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Long-distance relationships (LDR) used to happen later in an established relationship. Like one will move for studies, work, or military service, and the relationship has to adapt to that change. In our digitalized and connected world, we have opportunities to meet and learn from people all over the world. Fall in love, and stay in love in separate places. 


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Every soul on this planet had or will experience long-distance relationships, now there are lots of types of relationships but we cannot deny the fact that no matter what type you are in, from the word itself, long-distance is a challenge. A relationship takes a lot of work, and trying to maintain one over a long distance is pretty much like setting it up to fail. Every romantic relationship has challenges but LDR has a set of potential issues that are particular to those people who are in it: 

  • Financial strain related to travel.
  • Negotiating boundaries between local friends and the partner.
  • Miscommunication: Either you are not talking enough or your partner hitting your phone up every minute. 
  • Trouble having a realistic view of the state of the relationship. 
  • More extreme emotions related to the relationship. 
  • And more…

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So far, no studies have researched how long a couple can stay in an LDR and still maintain a stable relationship, but as per Vinita Mehta, PhD, a clinical psychologist, and writer based in Washington, D.C. believes that stage of life is an important factor. But let us check some tips on how to make LDR works. 


Open Communication 


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Whether a couple lives together or in LDR, a successful relationship requires the investment of time and attention. Quality communication is very important, realizing that since you may not have the benefit of facial expression or physical touch, you’ll sometimes need to be more deliberate in the words you use. 


Let Yourself Trust - and Earn That Trust Yourself 

While communicating regularly will fortify your LDR, you will also need to maintain a level head during periods where you are not in contact. Absence can create serious feelings for insecurity, loneliness and, paranoia, therefore, you need to confront any trust issues as they arise, and resolve these through honest, direct, and loving communication with your partner. 


Remember The Reason 


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When dealing with trust issues, you will also need to remain focused on your relationship and the reasons why you engaged romantically with your partner in the first instance. By remembering their unique qualities and the feelings of love that underpin your relationship, you can quickly put your mind at ease and negate any doubt that may exist in your mind. Ultimately, it is important to keep in mind that distance does not automatically alter feelings or an individual’s personal characteristics. 


Don't Put Your Life On Hold 

If you approach your relationship with an open and forward-thinking mind, for example, it is possible to recognize the benefits of spending time apart from a loved one and use this realization to strengthen the bonds of love and fondness. Most of us forgot that even before we are in a relationship, we are in a relationship with ourselves. Take this time to build a strong connection with yourself and do things that we love. Yoga, hiking, tea with friends every weekend, anything. 


Keep The Spark 

Adapting to any transition in your relationship can be difficult, especially if it involves relocation or a lack of time spent together. This can cause genuine feelings of sadness and worse, depression, which in turn can cause you to neglect your personal appearance and develop a negative approach to life. Keep your own spark to maintain the spark you have with your partner. And when you get to be together, create memories that you'll hold on to and it becomes a motivation on creating more with your partner. 


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Yes, it is a great challenge being in an LDR. But if you will be asking if it will work? Yes, absolutely! It is all about the effort and time you put into them, as is the case with any relationship, but with a whole shipload more of communication and creativity. 


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