Fab Fantasies: Evolution of Sexy

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The word lingerie was derived from the French word linge meaning linen. Lingerie was developed in the late 19th century. An English woman named Lady Duff-Gordon of Lucile pioneered in developing the lingerie that freed women from wearing corsets. At first, lingerie was a sign of social status afforded only by a few as the materials like lace, chiffon, and crepe de chine is being used to mirror the feel of idealized flesh.


Fab Fantasies: Victorian Corsets


As the century progressed the evolution of undergarments have gone from severe, restrictive corsets to barely-there little things to the focal point of an outfit. The lingerie went through a crazy transformation as well. Let’s check ‘em below:


Late 1800: Corsets

In the old movies, we might be familiar with those Victorian corsets, push the breast, arch the back to accentuate the hips. They are very constricted but constructed in a very beautiful and intricate design. I know, you might be wondering how do they manage to sit with those on? 


Fab Fantasies: Corsets

1900: Sheer nightgown

Living the easy, breezy and sheer-y life. Sheer nightgowns become popular especially with the wealthy family, the more elaborate and extensive it can be the wealthier the family was supposed to be.

1930: Open-Crotch Drawers

Yes by the 1930s open crotch underpants were worn especially by middle-class women, it has a slit somewhere as a way to signify sexual availability or erotic desire. 

Fab Fantasies: Open-crotch

1950: Corselets

At this time, it is designed a little less tight and restricted. They were generally strapless and designed to be worn under evening gowns. It featured underwire cups to enhance the breast. Okay, now this corset looks comfortably sexy…

Fab Fantasies: Corselet

1960: No-underwear Underwear

A fashion designer Rudi Gernreich introduced a “No Bra”, that was not only transparent but also promotes the braless look of the sexually liberated 1960s. As it has no metal or wiring, it was only available on A and B cups, as it didn't provide much support.

Fab Fantasies: Transparent

1980: Teddies  

Named after its inventor Theodore Baer, who combined a chemise with a short slip or attached panties. After going out of style in the mid-60s, career women who wore men-inspired clothing often opt to wear sexy, lacy teddies as a reminder of their feminity. 

Fab Fantasies: Teddy


1990: Victoria Secret

In 1995 as an inaugural VS Fashion week, the mass-market lingerie retailer was thrust into the high fashion world. The taste and style all of a sudden as been changed. As time goes by, more openly embraced their own desire by choosing what is best for them.


Fab Fantasies: Victoria Secret


2000: G Strings and Thongs

The time has come, less is more. In this era, where low-rise jeans and mini skirts dominating the fashion world. G-strings and thongs become both a blessing and a curse. 

2019: Eyelash Lace Lingerie

Recent years have seen a movement towards unity, diversity and body positivity. Lots of brands provided a wider range of color and size, accommodating all types of color and body. 

Fab Fantasies: Eyelash Lace

Today, lingerie is embraced in many forms; from the comfort of a sports bra, provocative and hypersexuality that lace lingerie brings to every woman, or even the functionality of Spanx. But according to French philosophy, wearing a “pretty little secret” helps to exude confidence and sex appeal. So ladies, no matter what is the reason or season always wear a beautiful linger ♥


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