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Once upon a time body shaper was reserved for special events, but now women are wearing them every day to show off their figures to their best advantage, because why not? If you are considering adding body shaper to your wardrobe, then let me help you know how to identify the best body shaper for you. Before we dive into the varieties of body shapers, let’s first chat a little about what it is really. 


The main goal of body shapers is to create a smooth base to help your clothing look its best. A happy side-effect is that this helps boost your confidence. Shapers compress and smooth both your body and any undergarments you may be wearing, such as bras, panties, hosiery lines, etc… The best body shaper is one of the fastest ways to help you instantly feel sexier and more confident. All of us might want to emphasize parts of our bodies depending on what outfit we are wearing. And using body shaper provides immediate solutions to these. Want to slim your tummy and waist, or perhaps give your thighs and hips a bit of a nip? There are body shapers to do all of this and more.


Fab Fantasies: Body Shaper


Best of all you can mold your silhouette and avoid adding bulk thanks to many designs which not only slim+ but also have built-in bra and panties. Never fear though, if you prefer to wear your favorite bra, for example, many foundation garments allow for that too. The most body shaper is made of flexible fabrics like spandex and nylon. These are popular because can hold you in place by varying degrees of strength. Need extra levels of support and shaping? Look for styles that include boning and other stiff inserts to truly sculpt your body.

We make it easy for you to find just the right ones at FabFantasies. But, first, let us guide you through the most popular body shaper styles. 



Waist shapers are designed to wear under form-fitting outfits, with confidence. They can be adjusted to firmly fit your body to give you an hourglass shape. Waist shapers are worn by many models and celebrities to enhance their curves and maintain their weight. Shapers create compression in your mid-section when you wrap the band around your waist, making your core feel secure and tight. It is great for daily use and can also give you support while you exercise and help maintain a straight back while lifting weights or doing squats. Waist shapers can be sized to any compression with three levels of hooks. It's important to be aware, however, that if worn too tightly, shapers can create bulges across your back, thereby defeating the purpose of a smooth, slim figure.


Fab Fantasies: Waist Shaper



This all-in-one garment is invisible under clothing and perfect for wearing under dresses to give your figure that extra “oomph”. Very comfortable, this sports shapewear delicately enhances your waist, hips, thighs, and backside all at the same time. It will give you that perfect hourglass figure you've always longed for and, with its high back and strapless form, you'll have a slim waist without having to deal with unsightly bulges on your back.


Fab Fantasies: Short Shaper



The Long Body Shaper covers the majority of your body from bust to the knee. This garment is comfortable, can be worn every day, and is invisible under clothing. Unlike the shorts shapewear, this shaper has longer legs to cover the thighs and has either straps or a full bra attached. Being smooth yet curvy will give you confidence, and as a bonus, the compression will help your posture and may relieve backaches.


Fab Fantasies: Long Body Shaper



Made out of special fabrics that apply pressure from different angles, this garment is designed to temporarily shave off a few inches from your waist, hips, and stomach. It can also be worn regularly to help shape your body while you lose weight. Plus size shapewear can be used to provide back support, reduce the tell-tale signs of cellulite, and reduce unsightly stomach and back bulges, giving you a slimmer, smoother look all day.


Fab Fantasies: Body Size Shaper


So Fabulous, always remember that shapewear can be a profound effect on how you fit and feel in your clothes which can dramatically impact your level of confidence so be sure that it fits snuggly but not too tightly. It should not cause pain or dig into your skin. Be sure that the fabric is breathable to avoid moisture becoming trapped against your skin. 



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