Happy Underwear Day! 

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Of course, there is a day for underwear! How come? Well, an internet company Freshpair founded National Underwear Day on the 5th of August 2003. Though there is no documentation, congressional records or presidential proclamations for it to be called “National” day. Freshpair celebrates every year by holding NYC model events, massive underwear giveaways, and Time Square runway show. And in 2013 they organized over 800 people wearing underwear in NYC’s Time Square to break the Guinness World Record for the largest number of people gathering in their underwear. It was not enough though to break the record, but thanks to it, Underwear Day was born. 

Fab Fantasies: Underwear Day

Okay, so much of its history, I know it’s Monday, but who doesn’t love lounging around the house in your undies? Don’t be ashamed of celebrating the unmentionables! The main goal for today (and every day) is to empower everyone to not only look good in their underwear but especially feel good too. You can brief-ly check here the short history of underwear dates back to the Ancient World.

Fab Fantasies: Underwear Day

Today is not just about lace and cotton, spandex or polyester there are hundreds of materials that can be used for undergarments. Today we celebrate by empowering everyone and embracing their own body and confidence. There are so many ways of celebrating Underwear Day. Some people will post a photo or two on social media with hashtags to promote body acceptance. Others have the courage to go out and parade to show courage and support each other while some will just parade inside their homes. No matter what is your preference, the embracing of your image and body is the important thing. Everybody is beautiful, celebrate that fact. 

Fab Fantasies: Lingerie

So however you want it, put on your best underwear and slay this holiday! Grab this chance to check out your one-stop shop for the sexiest and the hottest lingerie.


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