How to feel sexy in a bikini?

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Ladies! It's the time of the year to fill your heart and the gram with beachy photos and sunkissed skin. Everyone is busy preparing for their summer body and BOTD (Bikini of the day). But of course, I know that some of you feel and think like you don't have it.



Yes, it is true, not all of us (are blessed ) feels we have the perfect beach-ready body. But, guess what? It's 2019 and nobody cares and it does not really matter at all. So if you are reading this, I want you to get out with your favorite bikini and release the Goddess in you. And oh! Don't forget your sunscreen (cool emoji). 

Now here are some tips on how to feel sexy in a bikini

  1. Hydrate yourself, woman! You want those skin glowing under the sun. 

  1. Know your body. 

By this, it means deeply knowing and embracing what body type you got. You have to start with yourself on accepting that you are sexy no matter what size you are and don't allow anyone to tell you otherwise. 


  1. Choose your weapon! 

   No, we don’t mean guns and any other machinery that will destroy the world. The number #1 weapon a Goddess should have during summer is: Bikini


  I know ladies, we have a lot of considerations to take by choosing our bikini. No boobs? No problem! 

  I know that women with smaller busts compared to Kim K and Sofia V feels like bikinis are not for them. But here is a good trick, you can still slay and look stunning at the beach by flaunting haltered bikinis or even one piece. You can try our Malia Two-toned Sequin romper from our fab collections. Or if you feel a bit cheeky, you can opt for the  Sequin Strappy Bling Bikini set.


Malia Two-toned Sequin Romper

Sequin Strappy Bling Bikini Set

But how can we hide those flabs? We got a variety of one piece in our fabulous collections that are perfect match for your preference. In our collection, you can be daring by trying out our strappy and lacey rompers.

See? All hope is not lost! There is really no secret on how to feel sexy in a bikini, all you have to do is be confident and embrace your own body and sexuality. Radiate your inner sexy Goddess without even trying too hard. 

Now, lift your as* up off the couch and hit the beach and share this all your soul sisters. 


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