How To Properly Wash Your Lingerie? 

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Our lingerie is considered the unsung heroes of our wardrobe. While our jeans and dresses turn heads, our lingerie stays hidden while making you feel (and look) comfortable. And the secret on how they last is on how we properly wash them. Of course, there is a proper way, Fabulous. Have you tried washing it along with your other clothes and stuff? And after, disaster happened? Been there, done that. Below are some tips on how to wash them properly: 

Fab Fantasies: Lingerie wash

  • First and foremost separate your lingerie according to color and type of fabric if possible.
  • Unless otherwise specified on the lingerie label, hand wash in warm water using laundry soap or a detergent without enzymes. 
  • If you will be using a machine make sure to get a laundry bag that is specifically for delicates. And make sure to follow the machine’s instructions and use a gentle cycle. 
  • Do not hand wring or tumble dry. 
  • Dry out of direct sunlight. 
  • The dryer is your major enemy when it comes to keeping your lingerie for the long term. 

Fab Fantasies: Lingerie wash


We are now in a world where everything is convenient, lingerie can be made of fine fabric like lace, silk and other delicate materials. So if you got time, hand wash is the best and safest way. Plus, considering that they are expensive investment pieces, so let us treat them well! 


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