Lingerie for Winter: The Cold Never Bothered You Anyway!

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Fabulous Ladies! A new season of lingerie is ready to dawn upon you. And guess what’s on the to-do-list? Get up and get ready to update your wardrobe (literally) with the new and flirty winter colors, fabrics, and designs. It’s time to spice up the chilly winter nights with the perfect lingerie sets. Let your beautiful lingerie put back strength in you and help you keep feeling your best- even under the puffiest coat. Bitter cold temperatures will soon leave us all bundled up but what really counts is on the inside: a sexy winter selection of lingerie! There are plenty of practical lingerie pieces that will keep you feeling warm and fuzzy throughout the winter season.


FabFantasies: Winter Lingerie




Fab Fantasies: Winter Lingerie


If you are a big fan of the nineties, (track jackets, anyone?) you’ll probably adore bodysuits. Which are yet again trending, and this soft and comfortable fabric makes for an appealing lingerie piece. This bodysuit can be worn underneath jeans for a night out, worn alone for a night in, or underneath your softest robe just for comfort.



Fab Fantasies: Winter Lingerie


If you love wearing dresses but you don’t love having freezing cold legs all winter long, consider purchasing some quality thigh high stockings to wear underneath. A pair of thigh-high stockings can be worn underneath a dress when you want to show a little skin but still remain somewhat covered up. These stockings can also make a simple lingerie set look incredibly sexy, leaving just enough to the imagination.



Fab Fantasies: Winter Lingerie


You might not immediately think “sexy” when you hear the words lace eyelash, but believe it or not, they truly can be! Consider investing in a pair of eyelash lingerie which can be worn underneath those comfy winter coats or simply as an extra layer of warmth before sexy bedtime? 


The Fabfantasies’ Room previously talked about incorporating lingerie into your wardrobe and these sexy and fancy chemises are the perfect piece to use. And they can keep you warm, you will no doubt feel your absolute best in this sexy, sheer piece. Pair it with leather jackets or blazers for a look that will certainly turn heads. (We love the idea of wearing this for a New Year’s Eve night out or maybe make out?). 


Fab Fantasies: Winter Lingerie


Hoping to heat things up this winter? Consider getting a boudoir photography shoot for Christmas or for welcoming New Year. The photographs can make a great gift for a special someone this holiday season or to boost your personal confidence and beat those winter blues!



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