Lingerie To Wear On Thanksgiving

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Most of us are traveling home for the holidays, so let’s get our lingerie ready! From the perfect bra to wear with your Thanksgiving day outfit, to the ideal pajamas that are ‘family-friendly’ we have you covered. Here’s how to prepare your lingerie drawer for the holidays.


Fab Fantasies: Thanksgiving



Who wants to wake up at their parents’ house and immediately put on jeans and shoes? Exactly – no one! Stay comfy without flashing your little cousins through your old band t-shirts and get a family-appropriate set that’s cute and comfy! 


Fab Fantasies: Thanksgiving



Staying with your friend’s family or your boyfriend’s family? You’ll want to add another layer to your sleepwear and pick up a robe that’ll do the job, and match your PJ’s! Want extra brownie points? Bring a couple of options to gift the mom of the house and she’ll be so pumped.


Fab Fantasies: Thanksgiving



First and foremost, wearing the right bra with your super cute Thanksgiving outfit is important. You’ll likely be taking a bunch of photos with your old friends and your family, and who wants to see your old bra strap hanging off your shoulder, or (even worse!) your bra is digging into your side the entire time. Get a basic bra that will be smooth and comfortable, and will go with everything you packed.


Fab Fantasies: Thanksgiving



This is a necessity. Changing up your lingerie to be festive really puts you in the holiday mood! Spice it up with a set that can be your little secret confidence boost or a serious showstopper in the bedroom. Wink, wink!


Fab Fantasies: Thanksgiving


So this holiday season, get ready for comfort, joy, and ultra-sexy intimate apparel at Fab Fantasies. With a wide spectrum of styles, including adorable ruffles, decadent lace, bra sets and, so much more, get in touch with your sexy side at Fab Fantasies and give your lover something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. When you slip into one of our ultra sexy ensembles, get ready to leave behind every day for a fantasy world of passion and lust. All it takes is the perfect combination of ravishing lingerie styles to instantly transform you into a goddess of seduction. 


Fab Fantasies: Thanksgiving

So are you ready? Grab our sexy Thanksgiving discount code! Check us out! 


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