Micro Bikini: Less is More

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Surely, bikinis have been a summer staple. 2019 has been the year of revelation. We love showing more to express more. Which is not a bad idea at all. This summer, us ladies, we’ve planned already on what bikinis we will be getting to slay the beach and the gram. And most of us love doing one thing at the beach too, getting that tan! 


Fab Fantasies: Micro Bikinis

Yes, it is hard getting tan without those bikini marks on our shoulder and hips. They look great showing how much tan you got, but we wanted everything to be fair tan, isn’t it? Now here is something that all of us ladies should know about. MICRO BIKINIS! 


Fab Fantasies: Kathleen Micro Bikini

Last year’s trend came with fruit prints, ruffle sleeves, and the ever flattering tie-front top. They are not going anywhere this year, but let us try something new, let’s get micro. For women who are not scared to bare it all. Below are some hits that we can check out.

  • Red Classic Sadie 
  • Red is sexy. Red is hot. So imagine wearing a red micro Sadie? Burn baby, burn! 

    Fab Fantasies: Sadie

  • Playful Neon
  • Be sexy and playful at the same time. For women who love neon colors, this Makayla neon piece is perfect for you. And yes, the strappy bottom adds some spiceeeee. 

    Fab Fantasies: Makayla

  • Micro Patriotic
  • Would have been perfect BBQ-ing at the poolside with this lycra bikini top with matching G-string bottom. With slim string, it would be perfect for getting almost perfect tan lines, ladies. 

    Fab Fantasies: Matilda

  • G-String Is A Thing
  • Who wouldn’t want to flood the gram with a sexy black micro bikini? It’s strappy G-string bottom will have everyone drooling for you. 

    Fab Fantasies: Giuliana

    Invisible Straps

      Feeling risky? Check this Alani micro bikini with a luxurious bikini top and matching G-string bottom, featuring delicate clear elastic trim. It creates the illusion of wearing almost nothing and can be a really jaw-dropping.

      Fab Fantasies: Alani

      You might be thinking who TF will wear all those too skimpy and tiny bikinis? Well, those fabulous women who are not scared to bare it all and show the world, that less is more! People might think that it is too much, but ladies, it’s not gonna harm anyone. And absolutely not gonna harm you to try and have the courage to show off and embrace the sexy Goddess within you. 

      Bye! I'm checking out now, can’t wait to get booty on them! 


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