Neon: A Major Come Back

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Ever heard of De ja Vu? Oh no, you’re not in a retro 80s or 90s. First, came the millennial pink, then there is a bright Gen Z yellow and the ever melodramatic purple. Then guess what’s next? Dear! Of course, a mother nature kicking neon green! Are neons making a major comeback? People are already showcasing their gram with neon dresses, accessories, and even bikinis, and they surely turn heads. Ever saw how the Kardashians are nailing them?


Fab Fantasies: Neon Bikinis

This summer, neon trends is really controversial. Sure, it is so trendy and all but you might be confused about one thing: How on Earth do you style them? Yes, Kim Kardashians, Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid and all those hot chicks on Instagram made it look cute and chic. But when it comes to doing it IRL it is so hard to pull it off, not as easy as 1,2,3. 


Fab Fantasies: Micro Bikinis


If you will ask Google or if you are lucky you got the best bud that has a good taste, then they might guide you on how to style neons with street chic wears. Plus, there's no better way to slay summer than by wearing something super eye-catching and bright. While it might seem hard to pull off, it's actually not as intimidating as you'd think. Start slow, and introduce the color with accessories or by wearing one lime-y piece per outfit. And you can visit your hottest and most trusted shop for bikinis to spread love and color at the beach! 


Fab Fantasies: Neon

So stop all the hesitations, get out and GLOW UP! 


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