Nothing To Wear? No Problem! 

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Whether you wanna save or splurge, we've got you covered.

Nothing to wear? No problem. If you change your outfit a billion times before leaving the house and your wardrobe often takes shape on the floor, it’s time to rethink what you’re buying and consider having a quick cull. Less really is more! Now here is the thing, when you shop online, plan at least two outfits in your head before you even consider hitting that ‘BUY NOW’ button. Start well/end well, right?


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Let’s stick to timeless colors like black & white (they go with everything!), darker shades of denim (easier to dress-up) and if you like to add pops of red (lipstick, nails or shoes) because that’s what all my favorite fashion-girls do. It’s small touches like this or cute accessories that give an easy, everyday outfit a cool and unique edge.

The older we get, the less time we have and frankly, “adulthood is responsibility” (thanks Grey’s Anatomy). Now let me share with you all, the 4 fail-safe looks that you can rely on to go with your existing wardrobe, plus spurge & save option for each. Whatever your budget – We’ve got your back! 



This outfit will take you from work to weekend and beyond. Let your inner French-girl out to play with this timeless striped shirt. Wear it with suit-trousers, jeans or a black skirt (all pieces you’re bound to own already). Styling sneakers with formal skirts is a street style trick that makes evening attire suitable for the day (whether you’re at the office or a Sunday brunch with girlfriends.


Fab Fantasies



If your office isn’t corporate, you could definitely get away with this outfit in the summer. If you want to show a little less skin, layer the slip dress over a t-shirt. Alternatively, this is an ideal day-to-night, summer look. Pop a bikini underneath and you’re good to hit the beach. Just swap out the slides for a block heel and you’re ready to commit murder on the dance floor! A statement bag is always worth the investment; it will single-handedly reinvigorate any boring outfit.


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Blouses look so damn good with espadrille wedges – all the ‘It’ girls do it, so let’s roll with it. The famous off-shoulder blouse is a cute touch that you can be sexy with an innocent touche, making these the go-to jeans if you want to spice up a bland outfit.


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A blazer dress is versatile as it can be worn in multiple ways for every occasion. Choosing a dress with gold hardware will toughen up your look and also keep things chic. Double-breasted anything is flattering but also looks expensive (and doesn’t have to be!) Black outfits + high boots = bringing sexy back. Invest in cowboy boots or 60s style flat boots; they’re classic, versatile and more comfortable. 


Fab Fantasies


What are your go-to outfits when you have nothing to wear? 



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