Ready For Spicy Christmas?

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Who knew that Christmas could be so…sexy? Christmas is the season to make merry, have fun, and display your fashion sense in elegant, stylish, and fashionable outfits. Women especially like to show their great sense of fashion and good taste for fine attire. However, choosing the perfect undergarment plays an important role in determining the final appearance of your outfit. If you want your final look to be smooth and free from any ugly lines, you need to be careful when choosing your foundation garment.


Fab Fantasies: Christmas Costumes


There are numerous undergarments to suit your style at three wishes. You can choose between corsets, robes, costumes, chemises, bustier sets, and sexy teddies. The lingerie in our collection come in various fabrics, colors, designs, and styles. Regardless of what you choose, it should make you feel comfortable, stylish, and sexy. Make your Christmas fantasies come true or at least put a smile on Santa's face with some sexy Christmas lingerie. From naughty Santa's little helper elves to Santa's Belle or one of our Santa Babydolls.



Fab Fantasies: Christmas Costumes


Chemises are sexy lingerie which quite popular among women who are passionate about fine and sexy lingerie. Basically, chemises are also known as slips in today’s lingerie fashion industry. So popular have they become such that you can easily find designer branded chemises. They are light and come in a variety of colors. Designers are transforming the chemise into a fine work of innovation. 



Beautiful and sexy robes are a must-have in every woman’s lingerie drawer. There is a beautiful feeling you get from the soft nature of silk and the sensual look of mesh or lace robes. These garments are both decorative and practical and define modesty in a special way. You can wear a robe over your sexy undergarments as you prepare for work or an evening out. 




Fab Fantasies: Christmas Costumes


You can wear them within the confines of your home, over a cup of coffee or a good book. Good bralette set does not come at a cheap price. Therefore, when choosing a good set, you want to go for good quality and durable garment. Women of all shapes, heights, and sizes can wear it.



Babydolls have diversified on the fabric to include crushed velvet, silk, mesh, and lace. The styles keep on changing every so often and women can find any style that flatters their bodies accordingly. Babydolls are considered an essential garment in every woman’s closet, and you can choose an appropriate chemise for an intimate Christmas Day lingerie night.


You got our big four lists that you can wear for an intimate Christmas eve or hide one on your Christmas tree or in a Christmas cracker as a perfect surprise gift. Why not dress up as a Christmas present or in a fantasy playwear outfit to make this a hot Christmas remember. Get your Santa's wish list out and treat yourself to some gorgeous sleepwear and have fun seducing Santa this holiday in some sexy Christmas lingerie.


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