Relationship "Red-flags" You Should Never Ignore

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Honey, there are lots, but let’s highlight 5! 

In every relationship when you really wanted it to work out, it’s easy for you to ignore your partner’s less-than-redeeming qualities.


Arguing at home

Yes, relationships are complicated, so it makes sense that there are some qualities that you should just ignore. But honey, some red flags are flapping over that should NEVER be overlooked.

1. Abusive behavior

Abuse in any form is an abuse. From seemingly mild to overtly obvious---
verbal, psychological, emotional, and certainly physical--- is not just a red flag but a huuuge banner telling you to get out and never look back. Like NEVER.

2. They’re rude to strangers

Pay attention to small things. One clinical psychologist, Ryan Howes said: “Note the bad behavior towards strangers typically evolves into how they’ll eventually treat you”. Harsh treatment towards strangers says a lot about how they view and treat others

ordering in a restaurant


3. Lack of respect and trust
    Respect and trust is a very important foundation in all types of relationships. So in your romantic relationship, when someone shows little respect with your time, physical boundaries and important people in your life, it’s never gonna go down to something good, sweetie. So put it this way, you got to know what are your values and what are the things you can compromise, and stick to it.


    4. Your friends or family don’t like her/him

    More often than not there is always a relationship where your significant family or friends can feel that there is something “off” about this person. Sometimes, in the heights of new relationships, hearing criticism about your new “love” may not be welcome, but others may see things clearly from another perspective. At the very least, hear them out. 




     5. They make you feel stupid and sorry most of (if not all) the time

    The worst human beings on this planet are those who use nasty and gross tactics to gaslight their partner. These include regularly mocking your ideas and not taking your opinion seriously, because they are so convinced that they know better or they can change your mind. Don’t let any soul skip the whole “value your perspective” stuff.


    Those are the 5 red flags that I wanna highlight with you, fabulous human being! But don’t get me wrong, there are still a whole lot on the list. And I mean, LOTS. But the most important thing is if you enter into a relationship, you are clear on what are your values. You don’t wanna find yourself justifying her or his bad behavior or totally overlooking the signs that this hot, lovable and adorable creature you are with may not make a good long-term partner. Learn to know when to get out.

    Ignore at your own risk.  


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