Swimsuit VS Lingerie: Are They The Same?

Posted by Lia Claflin on

Have you ever thought about why is it okay to wear a bikini in public and not your favorite red lacey lingerie? They cover the same amount of body yet one is totally fine and the other is - Nah. Well, Fabulous, for once and for all, let us settle this one and check out their differences. 

Fab Fantasies: Lingerie

Bra VS Bikini Top 

Technically, they are almost the same. So don’t you agree that there should be no drama when it comes to showing off one and not the other? It could be the lace or the straps but there are bikinis that are made of crochet, lace and, etc. Wearing a bra at the beach or pool shouldn't be a scandal (eye-roll). 

Fab Fantasies: Lingerie

Undies VS Bikini Bottoms 

Yas Fabulous, underwear and bikinis are no different. Everyone loves showing off their cheeks on Insta now. Let them stop and stare. 

Fab Fantasies: Bikini

If we think about it (we even Googled), why lingerie is not okay in public? The only thing we can come up with is for the fabric. Usually, bikinis are heavier and thicker that it does not sheer body parts if it gets wet (which is good for pool or beach day). You gotta check out some of our collections that are perfect for summer outings and get some tanning. 

Now Fabulous, we would love to hear what you think. Are you gonna wear lingerie in public? Leave us a comment (wink). 


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