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Fab Fantasies: Halloween

ICYMI Halloween is next month! And it is the one holiday when you can really get away with the "less is more" excuse. The first thing you think of when talking about Halloween costumes is scary, but it’s quite apparent that there’s always time for some sexy Halloween costumes too. Halloween is the one night where any fashion girl can be extra bold — unicorn onesie — totally stylish, or skip the fuss completely and simply wear cat ears.


Regardless of the choice, style always comes in to play. And like our favorite fashion influencers, we are constantly on the prowl for the next great holiday #OOTD. Looking sexy and feeling hot has never been easier (or cheaper) because most of the materials for easy and creative costumes are already in your closet! Have a sexy lingerie set? Just add wings and be a VS angel. Whether you decide to strut your sexiness alone, with your partner, or with your BFF, Fab Fantasies prepares some serious costume inspirations because this year, you are going to own your own sexiness, Boo! 

Fab Fantasies: Halloween

If you're anything like us, you're probably spending a significant portion of October scrambling to pull together a last-minute costume for the much-discussed Halloween festivities coming up. Don't worry: You are not alone in your procrastination. You can put together a costume that’s creative and reminiscent of your fave movie or television character, cartoon, or even just an era-inspired outfit that everyone will recognize. Some of our fave ideas stem from this year’s blockbusters, nostalgic fictional characters (I am not talking about The Avengers but yeah!), celebrities, and even popular television shows! 


Fab Fantasies: Fab Fantasies


For a look that is anything but basic, you can also get inspiration from some of your favorite fashion bloggers on how to style a costume with a (chic!), fresh twist that will have everyone saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?” There are so many ways to slay Halloween, you can DIY or buy it doesn't matter. Slay it as you mean it. You can always visit our collections for different variations. 

So Fabulous! Don’t just sit and think, get your phone and check out! We will be offering SCARY huge discounts too! 


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