Types of Underwear You Must Have In Your Drawer

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ICYDK those pairs of underwear you have in your drawer are not the only type of underwear in the world. Yes, from boy shorts to G-string and everything in between. Maybe cheeky underwear is your favorite but you deserve to know a whole lot of other styles. It can come very handy when you need a specific style for a slinky, form-fitting outfit. I forgot who, but I remembered that someone said that “We don’t know when we will die, so it would be better to wear the sexiest underwear you got every day”. Life is too short just to wear boring underwear. 

Fab Fantasies: Underwear

Forget the granny panties, you can be comfortable by the following underwear you might want to consider getting. There are like 5 million options considering many types are combined. But let us check out some. 


Channeling men’s brief, it is the most loved traditional pair of underwear. Aside from being comfortable, they offer ample coverage which is perfect for wearing skirts to protect against those out of the blue winds. 


Fab fantasies: Boy Shorts


Granny panties get a bad rap, but every woman just needs an honest to goodness basic brief that feels comfortable, light and effortless. You can easily wear them with anything as long as it is not a body-hugging outfit. Just so you know, they are not guaranteed to hide panty lines if that is your concern. 

Fab Fantasies: Brief


For women, we always associate lace to sexy and playful, which is very true. Cheeky lace underwear is almost the same as a bikini but from the name itself, it is more… cheeky. They are actually designed to be undetected during wear. They are very light to wear as well. 

Fab Fantasies: Lace


Just like other bikini bottoms, this underwear offers just enough coverage of your butt. 

Fab Fantasies: Bikini


Nothing says sexy as thongs do. But more than that we thank the universe for the creation of this underwear which is perfect for wearing body-hugging tight outfit. Just make sure not to hike the sideband higher than the rise of your bottoms or you’ll get that dreaded “whale tail”. 

Fab Fantasies: Thong


There is absolutely nothing wrong going commando. That said, for those days you don't feel like wearing anything or if you have to wear a sexy form-fitting bodycon dress, you don't wanna ruin it by wearing regular underwear. G-string can save the night! This is the skimpiest style of underwear with barely any fabric, but that is the point. 

Fab Fantasies: G-String


Just like thongs and G-strings, seamless underwear is also a good choice for any form-fitting outfit. The fabric is very flat and soft that it contours to the exact shape of your body and feels like a second skin. 

Fab Fantasies: Seamless

Okay now you know a little bit more than yesterday, hopefully, it makes you think more the next time you visit a department store or getting down an online shopping. It always depends on you on how cheeky you wanna be. Ready to add more pairs to your underwear drawer? This calls for some underwear shopping for sure! 


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