What Men Think About Lingerie?

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I’m a straight guy who’s been in a relationship for 6 years now. So I think, my women colleagues from Fab Fantasies felt like I am the best person to ask “What do guys think about lingerie?” I mean like “Do we care?”, I mean we have to say yes, you put so much effort from picking it and who does not like their partner on lingerie? Like seriously? 


Fab Fantasies: Couple

So lingerie is evidently a “hot” way to be dressed. But here is the thing, a Pope once said: “For every hot chick, there is a guy who’s tired of f**king her”. And that holds true for lingerie. Do you know what’s hot for us guys? Something different! And no, not different girls. We would like to make love and be crazy hot with the same girl who looks like 10 or 15 different girls. Let me spill a little secret, I loved it when my girlfriend surprised me on a schoolgirl costume on our anniversary, why? Because it was different! It was not her style and I did not expect it. (Most) guys will be easily turned on by any lingerie but you have to choose the one that makes you feel most different and puts you on a sexier headspace, your partner or even yourself will be surprised to see and experience the sexual beast you've only imagined.

So let me answer some of the questions that the Goddesses of Fab Fantasies have been asking me and other guys too (and I know you been waiting for it as well). 

What type of lingerie do men like? 

TBH, it depends. I personally think it is important that my girlfriend is comfortable. So in our relationship, we sort of talk and discuss what we both want. And it starts there… 

So personally, what lingerie do you like? 

I personally love lace lingerie and thigh high stockings. I found those super sexy and amazing! 


Fab Fantasies: Thigh High Stockings


Is it the visual of the lingerie being worn or more for the foreplay experience? 

Nothing is sexier than a woman who is comfortable and confident with her own body. So it comes back to confidence. Taking it off is a lot of fun too (wink wink).

You keep on coming back about confidence, do you think all women can rock any type of lingerie? 

I am not trying to play safe, but it really depends. It depends on her personality, mood, comfort level and of course, the situation. A woman on a tank top and boy shorts can be hot as hell. 

So what do you think about lingerie with elaborate details? 

At first, I thought they were too complicated. Like maybe because I was thinking about how to take them off, hahaha. But they are amazing, especially with stockings. 

Speaking of stockings, is it the stockings or the garter? 

Stockings. I feel like it can be paired with almost everything. Garters are not always necessary. 

What do you think about lingerie with lots of coverage? 

It leaves a little mystery and mystery is sexy. But I am not saying that being naked right away is a bad thing. 

Lastly (for now), should the woman always approach the lingerie first (wearing and purchasing)? 

It all comes back to communication. Not all women or couples are into lingerie, which is totally fine. First things first, a woman should figure out what she likes first. And that being said, she can choose what she likes and that is the most important. Because she will be the one wearing it, she has to be comfortable or less the experience will be ruined. 


Fab Fantasies: Lingerie


So what do you think Goddesses? In the end, it actually does not matter what men think. It is YOU that makes you sexy. BE SEXY. BE YOU. Find out what you want, talk to your partner and find out what you’re both into. COMMUNICATION, COMFORT, and MUTUAL RESPECT are the key points. So what are you waiting for? Get your sexy ass up and browse what lingerie you think you will slay. Especially, Halloween is coming… 

Let us help you and check our hottest and sexiest lingerie and costumes as early as now! My girlfriend and I are shopping now! (wink)


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