What’s New On New Year?

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Fab Fantasies: Happy New Year


Hola Fabulous, we've got some important advice for you: This year, fill your resolution list with easy, good-for-you goals. Try one of these simple lifestyle tweaks each day, and you'll not only jumpstart a healthier body and mind — you'll feel fantastic and so psyched to make 2020 your best year ever. There are tips here that will calm you down and ease your stress, help your skin glow, and organize the crazy in your life or own new and fresh pair of lingerie? You'll find easy ways to squeeze a little more fitness into your busy days and sane strategies for decluttering. Hoping to make 2020 the year you slim down a bit? We've got some surprising, fresh ideas that will help you get there. All of that, plus some advice that will help you take care of someone very important, the person you often forget to pay attention to in the madness of your crazy-busy life: YOU



Fab Fantasies: Happy New Year

Whether you're slimming down or just staying healthy, vegetables are your friends. 9 out of 10 women who lost 31 pounds will say, sauté onions, peppers, mushrooms, corn — whatever greens in the freezer — and toss that on a bed of baby arugula and spinach will be a good treat. Sounds delicious? 



Fab Fantasies: Happy New Year

You might be thinking of getting a cute pug or maybe you wanted to walk a labrador, but think a little smaller and greener. A plant. Swing by the garden center after brunch this weekend. Just the presence of indoor plants can lower human stress levels, research shows, and one study found that actively caring for plants calmed the autonomic nervous system and lowered blood pressure. And when people work near plants, they report greater concentration, satisfaction, and perceived air quality.



Fab Fantasies: Happy New Year

Women who take a vacation at least twice a year have a lower heart attack risk than those do so rarely. And researchers have found that even thinking about an upcoming trip can boost happiness for weeks. A weekend retreats for women are relaxing and active: Enjoy sunrise yoga, kayaking, rock climbing, and hiking with your crew. Or maybe doing a 6 months vacation, twice a year? It sounds like heaven.


DO YOGA (Alone or with your partner)

Fab Fantasies: Happy New Year


A Sunday morning couples' class could make Sunday afternoon much more fun. Experts at Loyola's Sexual Wellness Clinic believe partner yoga helps couples get more comfortable with each other's bodies, a boon for better sex. Solo yoga can increase enjoyment as well, affecting arousal, desire, and satisfaction — the practice helps relax your mind and strengthen pelvic muscles.




So use this day to jumpstart a longer-term personal commitment. Volunteer anything that will give you the feeling of contentment. Related to schools, home care, anywhere.




Another sleepy Sunday? Today's the day you try Ethiopian food, attend a ballet, or take a painting class — whatever feels fun. When researchers followed 7,500 people for 25 years, they found that those who complained of major boredom were roughly twice as likely to die from heart disease. So get your a** up and explore new hobbies.




Fab Fantasies: Happy New Year


When your inner critic picks up her bullhorn, jot down the kind words you'd say to a friend in the same situation. "We have such a hard time channeling compassion for ourselves," says some researchers. Writing it down makes it easier to shift perspective. 




Fab Fantasies: Happy New Year


Your gals and pals may start shopping for new pairs of kicks and pants. But do you remember your old pair of lingerie because you weren’t on a date for a while now? Well, you can always check out a fabulous and sexy pair of lingerie based on your taste and choice at FabFantasies. They have a variety of designs and colors that comes for all kinds of occasions. 




Repeat after us: "Today is my day. I'm thankful for me." Positive self-talk can help you focus on what's good in your life, says psychologist Joy Harden Bradford, Ph.D. Research shows that a little vitamin G (for Gratitude) can make you feel happier and more satisfied and even improve your sleep. If you repeat an affirmation related to gratitude in the morning, you're likely to show and feel more of it throughout that day. You're so welcome!


You know the cliché: January 1 comes in strong, and you’re so ready to embody that "New Year, New You" feeling with—what else?—your New Year's resolutions. Then, by the time February rolls around, "old you" has fully moved back in and is binge-watching TV on the couch? Well, don’t let that happen. Happy New Year, Fabulous! 


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