What To Wear On New Years Eve?

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Ratata! Maybe you are imagining that this year is gonna be as filthy as a rat as we know it. Hey hey hey! Rats can be really cute and caring, did you know that they take care of their sick rat-mates and they have excellent memories too. Now you must have read all the lucky colors, numbers and everything else that will give you good luck this year. But let us talk about what you will be wearing on New Year's Eve? I know! We will let you end the decade with a banggg!


FabFantasies: New Year's Eve


If you are married, you must be planning to celebrate NYE at home, if that's your intention, then you must see these dresses and lingerie picks for a sexy New Year's Eve with your partner. Wondering what lingerie color you should go for? Black, red or metallic would be a great choice for sexy New Year's Eve lingerie. And if you are thinking of celebrating it outside, classic red dresses or polka dots are IN this year.



Fab Fantasies: New Year's Eve


If you’re hosting a casual party with friends or watching the ball drop with the fam, you can still get into the spirit with subtle style upgrades & accessories. Instead of your go-to joggers or jeans, opt for a pair of faux-leather leggings—they’re just as comfy, but twice as glam. Stick with a warm sweater, but up the ante with a cool cowl neck or lower-cut V. Finally, don’t forget the bling! Add just a hint of gold with a bold bangle or some killer statement earrings.



Fab Fantasies: New Year's Eve


If you want to wear sequins, and by all means, you should do so unexpectedly,” Sweterlitsch tells us. “A cool pair of trousers is a nice alternative to anything tight and mini.



Fab Fantasies: New Year's Eve


Style renaissance of 2019 gave us all the outfit inspo, from that cashmere bra moment to this silk mini and patterned tights combo. A party-ready shiny dress is a foolproof way to put a luxe spin on your NYE look. Go for classic black-and-white, or get festive with your favorite jewel tone. 



Fab Fantasies: New Year's Eve


Ever heard of an old Chinese Feng Shui that wearing anything with polka dots gives you good luck? Well, no harm on trying those sexy dresses and lingerie you got? Anything with dots will count!



Fab Fantasies: New Year's Eve


Every after a party you might wanna go home with wine and spend the rest of the night being sexy and naughty with your partner. He will surely get smitten with your lacey lingerie underneath that dress. Give him the night he will remember for the rest of the year.

No matter what you are wearing, go all out!


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