What's The Lingerie For You?

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Shopping for lingerie can be overwhelming. Especially, if you haven’t tried them before. But no worries, Fabulous, I am here to help you sort out a few types of lingerie that might be perfect for your taste and body type. For decades, there are tons of different types of lingerie ever created, but the first and most important, let’s figure out first what is your body type. 


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 Hourglass Body 

If you have the typical body size of 36-24-36”, use linger that adds oomph to your already hot and perfect body statistically (all body types are beautiful). With your shoulder and hips that are the same width and with a slender waistline, corsets, teddies, and strappy lingerie are perfect for you. 

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Triangle Body 

Big hips are all in right now, when your hips are wider than your shoulder, triangle body is exactly that. To create balance and proportion, you can opt for bustiers and even a pair of ruffled bra and panties to draw attention to your breasts. But don’t ignore the fact that lacy lingerie that is taut at the breasts but flows down around the hips is a great option too. 

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Rectangular Body

If you have an athletic figure with no defined curves, you have a rectangular body. You need something that cinches at the waist, and corsets are the best option for that. They add curves and look sensuous. If you have a long torso, a garter belt or a teddy will look great on you. You can also accentuate your breasts by going for push-up bras and bustier lingerie.

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Inverted Triangle Body 

Broad shoulders define this body type, and what you decide to showcase is a personal preference. Halter necks are your best option here. If you have a flatter bum, go for a teddy to divert attention away from it. A bralette with a matching lace panty or a thong is another sexy option. Matching cami sets are another option if you like a relatively tame look. 

Round Body

If you have a rounded waist and your torso and upper body are much wider than your hips, you have a round body. This means you need lingerie that makes your body look proportionate. Lingerie that hides chunks of your waistline and defines your bust line is a good option. A teddy also sits well on this type of body. For newbies, a pair of chemises or satin lingerie gowns are an interesting choice – they are sexy and give you coverage.

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Now you got an idea of what would be the best lingerie for your body type, you can check out our different types of lingerie and shop. You can get up to 20% OFF + FREE Shipping at checkout! 

Plus, here are some EXTRA tips we can give you if it is your first time shopping! 

Know Your Body Type: You got it checked above ;) 

Choosing Your Color: The most popular lingerie colors are white, black, red, and pink. It’s best to start there with them. If you feel that really self-conscious, choose non-threatening colors like white or pink. Black and red are very sexual when combined with lingerie and the lighter colors won’t make them feel aggressively sexy. 

Choosing The Size: TRIPLE CHECK THE SIZE CHART. We CANNOT stress this enough. Our lingerie pieces come from a variety of manufacturers, all with different fits. Make sure you’re reading the measurements properly. If you’re not sure of your size, contact us on our support or email and we will help you figure it out. 

Double Check The Details: So we sell a lot of stuff here. Some pretty cute, some ultra sexy. When you’re deciding to pick out lingerie, make sure it’s not crotchless. It’s a weird thing to mention, but if you are very new to lingerie you don’t want to be uncomfortable. You can’t always tell from pictures, so make sure you read the description and note if it’s in the crotchless category. You can never be too sure!

Keep It Simple, Keep It Your Style: For the first time lingerie user, the easier the piece the better. You don’t want to be intimidated with straps, buckles, and garters, you want to ease yourself in. Something you can slip on without a bunch of steps or hassle. 

So what are you waiting for? Browse and Shop Now! 


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